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Once my sister, my cousin Archana and I had performed /shared "Akatha Kahani" in Dipali Taneja's house in Kolkata. She is a huge fan of Kabir. She had lots of his works with her and before leaving I had asked her to give me a couple of songs and their meaning so that I can experiment with some composing.
Back in Bangalore, one day I sat with the songs and out jumped a tune for Nach Re. Kabir's meter in writing makes it such a joy to compose. I got really excited about this tune.
Then a couple of weeks later, Vedanth and I were on a two day train journey to Jaipur to join in the Rajasthan Kabir Yatra organised by Kabir Project. We sat down to Jam in the train and ideas started to flow.
We grabbed the recorder before we had too many ideas running away from us. Vedanth started to get infected with the spirit of the song when I started sharing the tune with him. Hearing his guitar got me even more happy. 
We were trying to be as quiet as possible while recording this. When you are on a long journey, it starts to feel like home and the fellow travellers also become good companions. They hardly cared about what we were doing.  
I pressed myself close to the mike and started whispering the song. And Vedanth took off with his guitar. Much later when we heard the recording, the soundscape around us created its own feel. I instantly loved it. It is technically not the best recording but I just love the coming together of different sounds transporting the listener between someother world and an immediate call to reality. 
The "chai chai' seems to have come as a beautiful interlude.

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I thought some of you would be happy to know that SUNO BHAI is made out of tetrapak recycled paper.
Well... no tetrapak is the ideal situation in this world, but now that it exists we may as well do some damage control.

There is a very good organisation called Saahas in Bangalore who work on waste management for the city.
They recycle all the tetrapaks and make paper and tin sheets out of them. 
Do visit www. 

Maya printers in Bangalore use this paper for most of their work. 
It was love at first site for me when I saw this paper.
It was the paper and the illustration that inspired the design for me. The black on that paper was just perfect and the texture is also great. 
We wanted minimum plastic. Hence we did not even go for putting the CD ( which had to be plastic ) in a plastic cover. We do not yet know what the long term effect would be of the paper's friction on the CD when inserted into the sleeve.  This is the testing period and then we can make alterations if and only needed.
In this age, we all copy the music onto our MP3 players and laptops anyway. 

Posted by Bindhu. Photo courtesy Archana Ramaswamy

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